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Book Promotion Sites and Services

Discover, rate and review the various book promotion sites and services currently on the market!

Proofreading, Editing and Critique

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Keyword Research and SEO

Discover how to maximize the traffic your books get through keywords!

eBook and Print Book Formatting

Make sure your eBook and Print copy look exactly the way you imagined them to.

Website Creation and Design

Get started with your very own website!

Latest Updates

How to Payoneer Amazon profits and streamline your withdrawals

For many payments, most notably from CreateSpace and Amazon Affiliates, Amazon will require a US bank account for direct electronic deposits.

In the absence of a valid US bank account, the users often have to deal with antiquated cheque systems that not only take weeks and even months to arrive, but also carry with them a huge fee to cash out. And in some countries, cheques haven’t been used in years and may not even get accepted.

Luckily, other companies exist to compensate for the flaws of Amazon or other similar online stores.

I’m here to talk about Payoneer.

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eBook Launch Book Covers

eBook Launch Book Covers site offers a choice between three types of cover services with increasing design and revision options. They use high quality stock photos and employ top tier designers.

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Archangel Ink Book Covers

Archangel Ink was created by authors, for authors, and along with our sister company Buck Books, have observed the performance of literally thousands of book promotions. We have unique insight into what covers perform well in the market and we bring that to you.

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Archangel Ink eBook and Print Book Formatting Service

Archangel Ink specializes in the eBook formatting service service; their years of experience (and many lessons learned along the way) make it easy for any author looking to expedite the process and avoid the headaches. They will format your finished manuscript (in MS Word format) so that it translates seamlessly across all viewing platforms.

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Guido Henkel eBook and Print Book Formatting Service

Do you feel all the technical gobbledegook surrounding eBooks is not something you want to deal with? Not a problem. You can simply put Guido’s years of experience in eBook formatting to work for your next book to make sure you will have a product that is professional, and something you can be proud of, without all the hassle.

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Building a website for your Author persona

Nothing promotes credibility like a professional looking public website that contains all the information about the author, his/hers books, contact information, and latest news.

Having a personal website it paramount to optimizing your success as a published writer.

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eReader Girl Book Promotion Service Review

They post ebooks in the following categories – non-fiction, children’s ebooks, and Christian fiction.Please note that the only fiction ebooks accepted on eReaderGirl are Christian fiction ebooks.

Books are posted on their site.

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Ereader News Today Book Promotion Service Review

ENT is the longest running daily ebook newsletter in the industry. Because of this they have formed relationships with thousands of authors and have the largest variety and best deals available from major publishers as well as the smaller publishing houses.

Every day, their subscribers receive an email with books that have been hand picked and tailored to each subscriber’s individual reading taste.

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Genre Pulse Book Promotion Service Review

Over the course of three years Genre Pulse has built up their own Kindle book distribution network which delivers free and price-dropped books to avid Kindle readers. Distribution channels include a rapidly growing email list of over 60,000 subscribers and an Android driven apps with a combined total of over 600,000 users.

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