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Hey Guys,

It’s been a wild few weeks. After launching my Book Promotion service, I was quickly contacted by numerous people, all looking for help with their books. And I was glad to help. :)


However, due to the high number of people purchasing my services and having their promotion days overlap, and making me split my focus – I’ve decided to stop doing multiple-day FB promos and will instead limit my promo involvement to a single day and a single book.

This means I will not be splitting my attention, but can instead focus completely on maximizing the promo for a single book. This will hopefully result in more niche group promotions and a wider reach on the chosen day.

Those who have already purchased multiple day promotions – worry not, I will carry out all your promotions as planned and to the best of my ability. I will not let up on the quality. The changes will only be in effect for new orders.

I understand if these changes will make you think twice about purchasing the promos in the future. That’s okay. I still believe that I can offer a valuable service for those looking to save hours of effort and energy.


There are some more exciting news as-well. In addition to revamping my book promotion methods, I am offering two new kinds of services. Read more by clicking on them:


Basic Proofreading & General Critique

Keyword Research & Optimization


And to everyone who has bought my promo services so far – Thank You! I hope you’ve been satisfied with the service. I hope to make it even better in the future.

– James

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