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There are dozens of different websites out there that are dedicated to promoting e-books. Most of them will ask for payment in order to list and promote your book; which is usually done on their site and through their newsletters and social media profiles. Payments range from a few dollars to hundreds.

However, many also accept free submissions. What that means, is that with a little luck (there are no guarantees for free submissions) and a good book in your hands, you may just get your title listed and promoted for absolutely no cost.

Unfortunately, finding those sites and taking the time to submit your book to each and every one of them, is a lot of work.

Every promotion site has their own requirements. Some only accept books that are free to download, some accept only $0.99 books. Others prefer books that are priced only up to $2.99, while some will take any book at any price. Also, most sites have a recommended minimum number of reviews your book has to have, as-well as a minimum rating. To top it off, numerous sites ask for the submissions to be made several days in advance.


Luckily the Technology is finally here to make this process easier.


Introducing KDROI


I am currently no longer offering to do these submissions manually due to time constraints. I suggest you use the automated software OR submit your book to these sites yourself. 


Alternatively you can use my main promo service for your book instead. Though it only applies to Free books.


I wish you luck in your promotions!



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