Book Review - Break Through by Hung Pham

“Being the Best that we can possibly be”

I managed to grab Hung’s latest book during his free promotion run a few weeks back, so I almost feel like I owe it to the author to give it an honest review in return.

Getting free books is great if you love to read, but as an author, I also understand how difficult it can be to give away your hard work for free. Many people don’t even bother to say thank you.

I try to not be one of those guys. So, thanks for the book!


What’s it about?

While many books don’t come with clear, transparent titles, Hung has decided to make it easy for his target audience. The title – Break Through: 12 Powerful Steps to Destroy Your Mental Barriers and Achieve Success – Get Unstuck and Do More – tells you everything you need to know.

The book quite literally contains 12 chapters (steps) that both teach and motivate you to get rid of your mental barriers; how to do more; and how to become successful.

The author is using his vast amount of personal experience to really connect to his target audience, which in turn makes the content that much more engaging. You aren’t given a dry list of instructions in a vacuum with no context. No. The author immediately makes it clear that he has been where you (the reader) are right now. It becomes very inspirational to read about someone who went through the same issues, the same hardships as you are going through right now, and despite it all, still managed to prevail. Hung shows us the light at the end of a very dark tunnel and teaches us how to reach that light.

If there’s one thing I learned at a young age, it is that failure is a part of life. Everyone experiences failure. Didn’t get the job you wanted? That’s a failure. Relationship didn’t work out? That’s a failure. It’s natural to fail. The only thing that matters is…

You never give up! You never ever give up!

So I forced myself to stand up and get back out there. Every rejection that occurred, instead of feeling sorry for myself I tried to dissect what went wrong and how I could improve for the next time. I kept pushing harder and harder.


The book is well edited and doesn’t have any noticeable issues with grammar or formatting. It sticks to a casual, easy to read tone that makes you think you are having a personal chat with the author. Currently, the books sits at a whopping 23, five star reviews, further augmenting the argument for it’s high quality.

Break Through - Amazon reviews



At the time of this review, the book costs $2.99 which I consider to be a very reasonable price for book that is estimated at 65 kindle pages. A fair value for someone’s life experiences compressed into a book. After all, what are you willing to pay for motivation? To become inspired? Would you not gladly pay far more to get yourself out of a slump and towards the path of success? I know I would.



Hung Pham has wrote a great little book here that delivers what it promises. It really is as simple as that. He connects to his target audience, shows them that he knows what it’s like to be in a slump; and he provides easy to understand guidelines to get a troubled life back on track. You can’t help but to feel inspired and pumped up to get something done!

“Here’s to achieving greatness!”

Book Review - Break Through by Hung Pham


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