A voice tickled inside her brain. Who are you, Leah Preston?Are you happy?When not, why not?

Live Love Rewind: The Three Lives of Leah Preston by Anne Glynn is a story about the life of Leah Preston. A divorced woman in her thirties who like so many others, is yet to find true love and happiness. With a dead-end job, a loser boyfriend and no change in sight, Leah decides to start fresh. Time for a new city, a new job and new possibilities.

“Once upon a time, her dreams were a thousand times grander.”

But what she finds will take her on a journey of self-reflection, of sex, and of relationship do-overs. Will she find her true love and realize her ambitions? Or does life have other things in mind for her?

My Thoughts:

This book was a challenge, but not in a bad way. No, it was a challenge on a personal level. This is a book about a female protagonist searching for love and hot steamy sex to go with it. She searches to realize her ambitions and find happiness with the perfect man. Clearly, I’m not quite the target audience for whom this book was written.

But while I found it difficult to put myself into the shoes of a female lead, I did discover that reading her innermost thoughts and desires had a whole other appeal of its own. After all – men are always struggling to figure out what exactly goes on in the head of a woman. In this book, I may have caught a glimpse, and it was fascinating in its own right.

The author has crafted a very interesting story that will have the reader cheering for the main character’s success, while also sharing in her disappointments. Love and happiness is such a common desire in all humans that you cannot help but wanting to see her come out on top. Yet things are not easy for Leah Preston. Life has ways of pushing people off tracks and leaving them lost and confused.

“She still found herself drawn to him but fought against her feelings. … wondering if she might have somehow misunderstood the meaning of the ring on his finger…”

The struggles of the main character seem as real as the air we breath. Her relationships have issues, her ambitions in life develop hurdles and she cannot stop thinking about her past. What could have gone differently? What could she have changed? Would things be better, or were things always meant to be doomed?

Are there any good men left? she reflected.”

The dialogue is very well written and characters in general well developed and believable. The writing flows smoothly from chapter to chapter.

“You’re not sorry,” Clarissa responded. “You’re playing some kind of game here. I won’t stand for it.”

The book also includes numerous very erotic sex scenes that go into great detail from the protagonists viewpoint. A refreshing breath of reality that traditional books often omit. Leah’s sex life is appropriately relevant and further augments the readers understanding of her character.

“She felt his mouth open, taking her inside. The darting tongue slowed, stroking her slowly and softly, stirring her until her clit felt huge.”

Unfortunately, despite being a great overall experience, the book struggles a little to keep you hooked in certain parts of the first half. This is definitely one of those books that require you to ignore moments of disbelief and confusion as the story develops. You really need to make it to the second half of the book to truly appreciate the setup and the story twists of the first half.

Some of these hurdles are caused by the authors choice of science fiction elements to set up the main story arcs. The sci-fi felt underdeveloped, under-explored and didn’t quite mix with the otherwise very believable world of sex and romance. Clearly, the book was never meant to focus on the sci-fi aspects, which did however leave me wondering if the book wouldn’t have been better off picking a different method of setting up the story-line.

However, regardless of sci-fi issues, the story does work very well overall and allows the author to explore the interesting possibility of rewinding the main characters life.

Why don’t you star over?


Very well written and edited with no noticeable grammar of formatting issues.


At the time of this review, the book is priced at $2.99 and is an absolute bargain. With 242 estimated Kindle pages, it will give you several enjoyable hours of reading and even more hours of reflection as you think about your own love life and happiness.


Live Love Rewind is a great book for anyone looking for a thought provoking erotic novel about the search for love. The detailed sex scenes add a refreshing layer of reality, while the well written dialogue and numerous relationships being explored will keep the reader hooked.

Book Review - Live Love Rewind by Anne Glynn

An erotic journey of finding love – 4/5

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