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Currently not taking new formatting gigs. Please consider using Guido Henkel for high quality formatting!

Book Formatting Example Image 2So, you’ve written your book. And it reads amazing – you just can’t wait to publish it. You navigate to the digital store (like Amazon), upload your word file, and look at the preview to double check your amazing book… and it’s all wrong. Chapter headings aren’t properly centered, the size of the letters is too small or too big, the paragraphs aren’t properly separated, there’s a lack of indentation, and it’s all a mess.

What went wrong?

To put it simply – text editors like MS word and its Open Office counterpart are all well and good at making it easy for you to write your book, and even making it look nice in that editor – however, they do not produce the same kinds of files that an E-Reader device or program uses. And while most digital stores will convert that word file into a decently readable e-reader file, it will not be perfect. It can’t be, because the Word file format is inherently imperfect for that job – it is not meant to create an e-book file. And what’s worse – there are many different E-Reader devices and programs. All which work in slightly different ways. Often requiring different files or formatting methods.

Even if your Word file exported book looks great in the preview feature provided by Amazon, or Kobo, or Nook, or any other digital store, it’s possible and in fact quite likely, that the book will look like a mess on some other devices or e-reader programs.

If you want your manuscript to look exactly like you want it to – in all E-Reader devices and all e-book reader programs – you have to have the manuscript properly formatted.

At its essence, an e-book is based on the very basic code of HTML. The same code that makes up most of the websites you browse on the internet (even this very page you’re reading right now). All e-reader devices, no matter how old or new, will understand this basic code in a nearly identical way (with a few minor exceptions). And because of that, you want your book to be formatted in HTML.

This is where I’ll come in.

I will format that book for you. I will take your Word file and break it down into it’s most basic form in HTML. I will then look at the word file you provided to see what you want your book to look like, and then manually code the necessary instructions into a new file using HTML.

I will then use special formatting programs to package this new HTML coded file into proper e-reader files: MOBI (for Kindle) and ePub (for most everything else), but also PDF if so desired. You will then be able to upload and publish your book to any digital store and have it look perfect. Every single time. And every reader, no matter what device or program they will use, will get that very same perfect reading experience.

And as a bonus – you can use those MOBI, ePub and PDF files to distribute your book manually if you wish. You can send out review copies or organize giveaways, never having to worry that you won’t have the type of file that your fans prefer. You’ll be able to send the right kind of file to everyone.


Here are the details of my service:


I will produce 3 file types as required – MOBI (for Kindle), ePUB (Apple, Nook, Kobo etc.), PDF (Adobe Readers)

I will use Advanced formatting – Hand written code in HTML to guarantee maximum compatibility with all eReader devices and software.

Unlimited rounds of additional changes

Quick turn-around time:

Fiction (mostly in prose) – 1 day / 5000 words + 1 day / 10 images

Non-Fiction (lots of advanced formatting – lists, bolds, italics, different colours, font sizes etc) – 2 days  / 5000 words + 1 day / 10 images



Fiction (majority of text in prose)

  • $2 per 1000 words.
  • +$1 per image.

Non-Fiction (text contains numerous additional formatting styles – bold, italic, lists, different sized headlines etc.)

  • $3 per 1000 words.
  • +$1 per image.



Currently not taking new formatting gigs. Please consider using Guido Henkel for high quality formatting!



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