A good question

So, who am I? Well, not too much of a story really. Just a simple guy who’s been looking for his place in the world. Have I found it yet? Not sure. Time will tell. What I can say is that life is one crazy journey, that’s for sure. I’ve gone from a unhealthy, overweight, teenage metal-head and guitarist, to a night-club bouncer and head of security; then to an online moderator of an international company; then to a fitness expert and amateur competitor in the IFBB; and now – I’ve become a writer and an internet marketer.

I really have no idea where I’ll end up and what I’m going to be doing in the future. I mean – life is so interesting, isn’t it? I envy the people who discover a single thing they are passionate about and then dedicate their entire life to that one thing.

I can’t do it. I cannot single out a single activity or a goal as my only passion. I have so many interests, so many passions and desires, I just cannot imagine focusing on any one thing.

If you feel the same, then you’re definitely going to have fun on this site. My blog posts are more than likely going to be all over the place, just like my passions.


Time flies. My entire adult life in a few images. Man, I’m starting to feel a bit old and depressed now…


Have fun here guys!

– James



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