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Proofread-829x1024-minOne of the hardest thing about publishing a book is getting it proofread and properly edited. It’s a very hard job to do yourself. The more you work with the text you’ve written, the less visible the mistakes tend to become.

This happens because as an author you will always know what the text is supposed to say. This causes you to overlook typos, missing words, and even unclear sentences.

While you can always fix the errors as they are pointed out by readers, you don’t really want to endanger your book’s initial release. A badly edited book can seriously hinder its success. 

Without a doubt, one of the most common reviews new authors get for their freshly published books, is that the text isn’t proofread or properly edited. The readers notice it immediately. Once you find multiple typo’s per page, and missing scenes and plot holes every chapter, it’s absolutely obvious that no proper editing or proofreading has been done. And many readers will give up on reading further because it’s simply too difficult to get through the text and enjoy it. And once they leave a review like that, the book is marked forever and many potential readers will be scared away.

Unfortunately, good editors don’t come cheap. In-fact, they are probably the biggest expense an author will have to deal with. Prices range from anywhere as low as $5 per 1000 words, to $50 and sometimes even more. And that doesn’t always include proofreading which is often charged separately. Imagine having to shell out several thousand dollars to get your full length novel edited and proofread by a professional.

Most first time writers who are looking to self-publish, will not have that kind of money lying around. And even if they do, it’s a large investment to make, considering that there is no guarantee that the book will be a success and earn that money back.

Because of this, I have decided to offer a service designed to give authors basic constructive feedback and help them smooth out the biggest issues with the book for a very affordable price.


I will read your book manuscript in full, look it over line by line, and do basic proofreading and offer general critique for – $1 / 1000 words


This will not be a full edit or professional proofreading. Let me just emphasise that.

If you have the budget, I highly recommend you look for a professional editor and proofreader instead. (I had a nice experience with prof. Bowman, you can check her out) I am not a grammar expert, and I won’t pretend to know how to re-write your book. I will not cut content or add any. I will not make your book into a grammatical masterpiece.

But I will look for and fix the most simplest of typos, point out missing or excessive words and clunky sentences. I will also critique the whole text. Meaning – I will think about what you’re trying to say, and then give my opinion on it. I will double-check certain facts, make sure the logic and argumentation isn’t faulty, and point out whatever else that catches my attention.

It’s all about finding everything about the book that rubs me the wrong way, and then letting you know about it, so that you can potentially adjust it before you publish it.

I will be your Beta Reader.

I won’t be biased like your friends, family or co-workers. I will be honest and harsh.


If you are interested, please fill out the form below and attach your book file (MS word or Open Office file – so that I can add notes and fix minor typos on the fly)

After I give the manuscript a quick look, I’ll contact you by e-mail and confirm the potential price of the service, rounding the word count in your favour. (16 900 words will cost $16 – I’m nice like that)

I’ll also give a quick estimate as to how long it will take. Professional editors take about a day per 10,000 words but I will generally be quicker. However if I already have other projects on hold, there may be a notable delay. I won’t request payment until we’ve agreed on the timeframe.


Please be sure to include all the necessary information.

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From one author to another – Thank you!

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